Q:  Can I contact you to perform for my event?

A: Thanks for asking! Of course! I can perform a wide range of pieces and would be happy to tailor a program for your unique needs. Just submit a “CONTACT” form with your information and a brief message (you know…the who, what, when, where basics!) and I’ll personally get back to you!

Q: Great! Can you do anything else besides play the viola?

A: Well, I can’t juggle, if that’s what you mean. But I am also an accomplished speaker on accessibility in music education, and perseverance through hardships. If you are interested in having me speak for your event, just mention that when you submit a “CONTACT” form!

Q: So how do you learn music being blind?

A: Great question! I use a variety of different methods, from braille music notation to screen reading software that tells me what each note is to really, really good listening and memorization skills!

Q: So do you have perfect pitch?

A: I actually don’t.

Q: Did you get any superpowers after losing your sight?

A: I mean…no. But if I WAS a superhero, I could never tell you and reveal my secret identity…