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When she started going blind five years ago, Christina Ebersohl had to learn how to do everything differently: walking, reading, listening – and her passion: playing the viola. The US Army veteran and junior at PSU’s Honors College plays in the PSU Orchestra as well as several chamber ensembles, and is now studying under the principal violist of the Oregon Symphony. For Ebersohl, personal growth comes from overcoming adversity and taking risks...

Tom hallman, the oregonian

Before she lost the sight in both eyes a few years ago, Christina Ebersohl would have easily walked down this Portland State University hallway. Now, she used a red-tipped cane, tapping walls on her way to a practice room in the university's department of music…



Suzanne pardington, psu

After Christina Ebersohl started going blind in 2012, she had to learn how to do everything differently: walking, reading, listening — and her passion: playing the viola. At first she didn’t want to get out of bed. But she soon decided not to give up on herself or her music. She practiced viola five hours a day, learned how to walk with a cane and read braille and enrolled in Portland State’s Honors College as a music major.


29-year-old Army veteran Christina Ebersohl begun losing her eyesight in Sept 2012 & was declared legally blind 2 years afterwards. She now studies under Joël Belgique, principal Violist of the Oregon Symphony...

I am not invisible

I Am Not Invisible is a remarkable exhibition featuring 20 portraits of Oregon women military veterans.

There are more than 28,000 women veterans in Oregon — a number that has risen steadily over the past three decades — representing almost one-tenth of Oregon’s veteran population.

And yet, women veterans continue to face significant barriers and challenges in accessing necessary health care and other services, while experiencing a lack of recognition unlike their male counterparts. By spotlighting the many faces of this diverse and important segment of the Oregon veteran community, IANI aims to increase awareness and dialogue about women veterans, as well as open viewers’ eyes to the myriad contributions, needs and experiences of women who have served in the military...